Elitte Bartending School

    4836 W Irving Park, Chicago, IL 60641


Spring Break Special $369.00 total course/w State License


Elitte Bartending School - sponsor of the "American Beer Festival" 2013-2014 at Soilder Field.

Sending over 75 grads and students each year to this amazing event. 

Group photo above - 35 Elitte bar interns sent to Sundance Night club, Evanston Illinois every weekend in  Februrary 2013. Wow!!


Mob Wives Chicago - Release party - Elitte Bar interns

                                                                  JOB PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE/LIFE TIME REFRESHER COURSES

Here at Elitte Bartending School we offer meticulous job placement assistance for all of our students who complete our 40 hour program. We will help assist our graduates to find work in catering, staffing, clubs, hotels, restaurants, casinos, pubs, bars, etc. fields., In addition to private events. Job placement assistance in Chicago and Surrounding Areas.


Ask one of our instructors about our Bartending Internship program after graduation. "Giving our Graduates an opportunity in first hand experience." Internship is for experience, hands on at a real bar.... making real tips!!

Elitte Bartending School is the only bartending school in Illinois to offer an Internship program to our GRADUATES through our well known staffing agency and other relationships. Don't be fooled by other schools gimics "recently" advertising the same program after 30-50 years in business. To mirror Elitte.. Others have even gone so far as to mention our internship on their website. Stating our program is a GIMIC. This is just another bad attempt to mislead, and lure prospective students to pay thier ridiculous prices. Our internship is an addition to our Lifetime Job Placement Assistance.  Elitte is the newest, coolest, hippest, family owned business, "where to to be trained" school in town. 

 **** Down below are photos of students & grads interning at various events/bars through our well known Wait Staffing agency and working at their full time jobs.

Mob Wives Chicago party, Medevil Times, Marriot Hotel, Heart for Magic yearly charity event, Sundance night club, Mambos night club, Capitol Night club, Cocos Rest/Bar, Friday's/TGIF, Baked tomato/Corp Chains, Professional Wait Staffing Services, Google Corp event, Chicago Tribune events, Liquor promotions parties, TOO MANY TO NAME ALL!!                                                      

Testimonial posted on Google about the Interns from the event company management. 


Nader ‎ - Apr 19, 2011- 2012 - 2013

A group of 10 Elitte bartenders recently served at our event for 550 people. The service was fun, yet very professional, and the drinks were great. David and Angela were a pleasusre to work with and are clearly teaching their students the tricks to being high-calliber bartenders!! Thanks to all of you!! Nader Salah. (1st side photo. Male to right)

Testimonial - 5-26-2011 - Jose Allende owner of COCO Restaurant in Chicago

**** I own COCO Restaurant, Puerto Rican cuisine. I do business with Elitte Bartending School actively for 6 months now, we have teamed up to provide their graduates an internship at my bar, providing Elitte grads with real hands on experience and $$. They are a hands on ownership and their dedication to their students is exceptional.

I have employed a number of students after their internship with us. I believe that not only are Angela and David running an excellent school but helping people period on getting employment without “a have to”. In my 15 years of restaurant/Bar experience, I can say students are learning what needs to be taught in this business. I commend and thank them.

Jose Allende 


Internship Program - Graduates of Elitte Bartending School are given the opportunity to intern at one of the trendiest Restaraunt/Lounge in the city of Chicago. Interns are sent out once a week to experience the fast paced, high energy ultimate bartending experience that every bartender seeks. Here is where you put the tools you learned at Elitte.. creating amazing drinks for and providing your superior customer services skills all while making money.... How great is this?


Look who visited Elitte Bartending School the coolest school in town!! Cubs pitcher CARLOS ZAMBRANO.. BKA... "BIG Z" OR "EL TORRO" The students were given the opportunity to meet him and shake his hand. Only at Elitte!!