Elitte Bartending School

    4836 W Irving Park, Chicago, IL 60641


Spring Break Special $369.00 total course/w State License


Claudia Sek - Head bartender at Tilted Kilt, Previously Chicago Joes bartender, Interned with Professional Staffing Services... Elitte sister company


"The making of an Elitte Bartender"

"If you want to be the best come learn from the best"

Call today to register.... 773 853-0549

Testimonial Continued - 2011 - This school was the best school i ever attended. David and Angela are the best teachers out there that knows what thay are doing, they both have so much experience they would teach you everything and anything you want to know about bartending. It's amazing, They really do care about their students and treat them all like family. so for everyone that wants to be a bartender this is the place to go. Joe M.

Testimonial ContinuedTommy ‎ - 2011

Elitte Bartending School is a must for anyone looking for training to become a bartender. I'm a student there, I'm finishing up my two week course tomorrow, and I almost can't believe how much knowledge I've gained in my time there. Their hands on training approach is invaluable. Every day you learn a set of drinks and then are given ample time to practice actually mixing them. This lets you memorize the recipes as actual drinks, instead of just ounce amounts on a note card. Any bartending school can teach you how to mix drinks, but Elitte will teach you how to be great at mixing drinks. Their uncompromising focus on improving your speed will benefit you more than any other bartending school out there. Anyone can memorize recipes and bartend slowly. The teachers at Elitte will do everything in their power to set you above the rest, perfecting your ability to make drinks as quickly and accurately as possible. Bartending is like any other trade: if you want to be good at it, you have to work hard to get there. Elitte bartending provides you an environment where you cant help but work hard enough to get there, that's the kind of teacher they are. They're not going to lie to you and send you out the door thinking you're a good bartender when you're not. They'll push and help you until they truly think you have what it takes. And if all that isn't enough, the price of tuition is beyond reasonable. Other bartending schools will charge you $400-$700, and will just as gladly send you out the door unprepared and lacking in knowledge. Elitte Bartending School will only cost you $289, and they really care about making you the best bartender you can possibly be. They also won't send you out the door and simply wish you good luck. Their job placement service is wonderful. They have a connections with plenty of bars/companies that will come to them looking for people to employ, and their internship program is brilliant. Hell, I'm graduating tomorrow and already they've set me up with an internship. I'm quite literally going to graduate and then go to work immediately. I can't recommend this school enough. Just give them a call, try them out. If you want to learn how to bartend, this is the place to do it. Tommy Cottin

Where are graduates are working now?

Klaudia Sek  - Interviewed for bar position on day of graduation through our job placement assistance program. Hired same day and now is working at Chicago Joes Bar and Grill. Francis Manalo - - Interned through our staffing agency at Crystal Tree County Club. Nicole Hannah- works at Bluelight and Ontourage night club.

Ruben Nieves - Interned through our internship at Marriot Hotel. Anna Slawek - Grad - Bartender at Capitol Night Club. Gabriel Gonzalez  - Interned through our staffing agency worked private events/Indian Restaraunt.  Glady's Valadez - - Bartends at Club Karlov, Currently bartending at the casino, Jessica Sanchez - Bartend at Casual Tap and is currently interning through our staffing agency. McCormick Convention and Catering Wine Social are a couple Jessica has worked. Joanna Paramore - Grad 10/2010 - Works at Martini Club. - Shawayna Dear - Horseshoe Casino, Junnetter Holmes - Reese's night club, Tiffany Granville - Reese's night club, Rogelio Morales - Coco's Restaurant, Yana Polikaporva - Capitol Night Club & Rivers Casino, Farida O - Capitol Night Club & Rivers Casino, Monica Morales - Bar Millenium, Gregory Z. - Yadinka night club, Samia Aezaz - NV Penthouse Club, Whitney Langstras - Cafe Euro, Ashleen Brason - Interned 1 wk after graduation - Coco's club, now owrking at Zentra night club,..Karolina - Capitol Night club/Professional Staffing Services, Eva Hougue - Tilted Kilt, Leslie Hercules - Valentino's & Palybook, Ahkila Gummy -  Zentra Night Club, Oana Molosag - Admiral, Gregory Bondar - Yadinka, Carisha Paridillo - Westin Hotel, Tommy Cottin- O'Brians bar & Rest, Renita Kelly - Horseshoe Casino,  Linda Ha - OHM & Luminatti Club, Tiara H - Hooters, Karolina Pelc - Capitol night club & Yadinka, Taylor Nishan - Elipse night club, Melanie Rivera - Eclipse night club, Tetiana Sudul - Paris Cafe, Erik Ayala, Denisha, Leann Mills, Kiwi Wi, Deneisha Rodriguez,  - Interned at Cocos Bar/Restaraunt, Gaby Gonzalez, John Glines, Jose Murillo, Jose Salazar, Joe Maysonet,  - all interned with Professional Staffing  and many many, many more!!